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Chihamba African American Cultural Arts


Festival Events 


Welcome to Chihamba of Dancescape. Our African American Cultural Arts Festival is the highlight of the summer in Charlottesville, Virginia. A place where we can come together and celebrate our rich African heritage. Enjoy great fashion, amazing scents, and beautiful home accessories from many vendors. Live entertainment from local artists, drill teams and bands. As well as a performance by Chihamba's West African Dance Company. We welcome you to come enjoy food from a wide selection of local food trucks or enjoy a swim at the pool next door. Our festival takes place every summer on the last saturday in July. We hope you will come and! Peace and Blessings, Chihamba. 


An evening featuring important updates on women's health issues, community connection, fashions from the motherland, featuring models from other community organizations with healthy soulful refreshments

A pallet pleasing cultural experience with food from Ghana and Kenya and interesting topics of discussion with performance from Chihamba company 

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